SouqBaldna, electronic store offers many products, smart phone accessories, computer accessories, personal accessories, decorations and others

We are now working in the Egyptian market and aim to connect to all Arab markets

We provide comfort to all our customers

 -:common questions

? Can I cancel my order

The order can be canceled if the product has not been shipped. If the product arrives and wishes to be returned, please contact [email protected]

  ? What are your recovery laws

Visit this page Click here

? What do I do if I deliver goods other than what I ordered

If you receive other goods that you did not request, please contact us with your order number. We will then help you return the goods.

? How do I change my password

Go to "My Account" and choose "Change Secret Code" and then type your password and then the new password, confirm the code again and click "Change PIN".

? I forgot my password, what do I do

Simply click "Forgot PIN" and then follow the instructions.

 ? How do I check my previous orders and my current order

Log in and click on "My Account" and select "My previous orders" and from here, you will be able to see everything you have purchased from our site.

? What payment methods do you have

Currently we provide

Paypal {Visa , Master Card} ، Pay on delivery